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    Welcome to the site, I am an independent radio producer who has over 25 years of experience working with BBC and other media outlets.
    Please visit my Andy Lamb Media Audioboom channel for more audio.
    Spoke to Frankie, George & Rhea on their selections and Nat Panagarry whos currently top of the league!
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    AUDIO: George Fisher
    SPONSORSHIP: Clan Netball Andy Lamb Media Clan Netballs

    Clan Netball Club

    Clan Netball are now the owners of some custom Andy Lamb Media Netballs.

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    AUDIO: Nat Panagarry

    Ambassador Mizuno Netball Andy Lamb Media

    Mizuno Netball

    I am delighted to be working alongside Mizuno as Ambassador for their new performance level Netball range.

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    Andy Hodgson

    Andy is probably best known as the face of I have created from the start.