Ali Brownlee BBC Tees Steel River

At the end of a rather "full on" week and the previous Ali Brownlee memories post finally a bit of time to reflect over the last week.

How Paul managed what I can only imagine was once of the toughest shows he's ever had to present is only now beginning to hit me, likewise having a match to commentate on for Mark afterwards is just incredible testiment to them both. Likewise I am only glad the thing didnt fall off air.

Monday evening saw the debut of my BBC Tees Steel River Ali Brownlee Highlights which lovingly ended the programme on the night. It was a mastercraft of some of the CD that came with Ali's Voice of the Boro book and mixed with some gooooaaallll that only Ali could pull off with ease. To be fair this was done as something we could just use on the night but I didnt imagine the next step.

I uploaded to Audioboom and posted to those who had worked with him at Boro TV and they shared and they shared and they shared etc. Figures quickly rose through the early part of the week as twitter picked up on it - A spike occured at the back end of the week and the reason was simple, Middlesbrough's Evening Gazette had linked to the audio - not once but twice. Dom Shaw and Anthony Vickers thanks.


Which led to this Listen Ali Brownlee BBC Tees Steel River Tribute
and then and shortly afterAli Brownlee BBC Tees Steel River Tribute Listen
and shortly after Listen to Andy Lamb Ali Brownlee BBC Tees Steel River Tribute

The tribute was also played as part of Zetland FM's breakfast programme today as Century co-commentator Dave Roberts played it as part of his weekend breakfast programme.

It wasn't done for the "hits" as I am sure it may have been elsewhere - it was done out of respect for someone who will be remembered for a long time, someone that did whatever they could for others and who will be very difficult to forget. Thank you Ali - I hope you approve.