England Netball Super 10

25th Feb 2017 Mikki Austin Surrey Storm Super 10 (c) Steve Porter

There was a chance for everyone to see all teams in once day as 5 games were played at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. In a similar idea to last year and thanks to the addition of Wasps, Stars and Sirens it was a good chance for fans and clubs to see how things have been going in training early in the season.

Unlike last year however the first two games that saw Lightening play Stars and then Sirens play Dragons (in a true Scotland v Wales franchise clash) fail to be shown live which personally was a disappointment given the extra capabilities of Sky having Sky Sport Mix showing the games this season and personally this was a missed opportunity.

However you want some reaction - I can hear you think!. OK then here's Karen Atkinson who was delighted with the performance and by some contrast a real insight into that loss to Sirens from Dragons Kyra Jones. Nothing but respect for doing that

Super 10 Lightening Reaction: Karen Atkinson

Super 10 Dragons Reaction: Kyra Jones

For Sky's first game - and those lucky enough to be at the Arena - it was Team Northumbia who faced Tamsin's Wasps. A good enough game for Team Northumbria despite the 46-70 loss. After the game I spoke to the "amazing" George Fisher from Wasps and Leah Kennedy from Team Northumbria as they gave their views on the game.

Super 10 Wasps Reaction: George Fisher

Super 10 Team Northumbria Reation: Leah Kennedy

Game number four saw a repeat of last years final - same again this year?? - Surrey Storm faced Manchester Thunder another great game as current champions Storm edged ahead and went on to win by ten 58-48. A fine chance to catchup with the rest of the team afterwards and a passionate Scarlett Williams at the Warm Up courts.

Super 10 Storm: Scarlett Williams

The last game of the day saw Team Bath play Herts Mavericks, you can see why many are suggesting Bath could make the top four. It was them who took the win despite Mavs being point-for-point throughout the first three quarters. There was no court time for Ash Neal or Lindsay Keable though managed to meet them afterwards and I suggested I'd put in a good word for them ahead of next weeks game away at the Ricoh against Wasps.