Mizuno Partnership Update.

Mizuno Wave Netball Shoe

I'm pleased to continue to be associated with Mizuno as they continue their backing of England Netball through their national squad, leagues and player sponsorships. Their "Mizuno All Stars" are a list of some of the Super League's best established and upcoming talent. Here's the latest from Mizuno UK Netball and I speak to some of the "All Stars"

Mizuno All Stars

  • Samantha Cook (Team Bath)
  • Kyra Jones (Celtic Dragons)
  • Tallisa Haynes (Surrey Storm NPL Coach)
  • Paige Reed (Team Bath)
  • Yasmin Parsons (Surrey Storm)
  • Ashleigh Neal (Hertfordshire Mavericks)
  • Gabby Marshall (Manchester Thunder)
  • Lauren Steadman (Loughborough Lightning)
  • Yasmin Parsons (Surrey Storm)
  • Mikki Austin (Surrey Storm)
  • Rebecca Oatley (Severn Stars)
  • Leah Kennedy (Team Northumbria)
  • Kerry Almond (Manchester Thunder)
  • Josie Huckle (Wasps)
  • Natalie Panagarry (Loughborough Lightning)
Mizuno Netball #neverstoppushing

Mizuno continues to strengthen its position in netball as they develop new footwear and apparel technology to meet the needs of players at every level. From the young athletes taking their first steps in the game through to experienced internationals, Mizuno aims to find the perfect solution to each individual's requirements.

That has meant amongst other things - developing a 'sweat wipe' panel for their top-end dress, working with players to eliminate aches, pains and blisters or advising young players as to the importance of grip, stability in support in their court shoes.

The trainers are fantastic for me personally the support is great for my feet, with the change of direction and speed playing Wing Attack and Centre I need that.

Yas Parsons (Surrey Storm)

With 14 sponsored players known collectively as the "All, Stars", three Super League teams and England all partnering Mizuno - it's clear that the intense level of research, development and education is benefitting teams players across the country.

2017 is an important year for the brand as it rolls out two brand new netball shoes and three upgraded models to provide a five-shoe range with scope and authority. Every position, surface and style of play will be catered for. Mizuno will continue to tell us to #NeverStopPushing - a core message for the brand and its associates.

Its great for me as a player to have that recognition and you do need sponsors like Mizuno to come on board and support the athletes - it's been really great.

Georgia Lees (Surrey Storm)
Ashleigh Neal (Hertfordshire Mavericks) #neverstoppushing
Ashleigh Neal (Hertfordshire Mavericks) Pic credit: Everyone's Active
Josie Huckle (Wasps Netball) #neverstoppushing
Josie Huckle (Wasps)