Meeting Rupert and Caitlin

England v Australia at the Copperbox and something classy

The plan was to enjoy some world class netball at the Copperbox with Sacha and Nat, record some interviews for the podcast but thanks to an idea it was so much more.

Lindsay Keable from Mavs joined us on the show and given her past experience and the fact she played back in 2014 it would be a useful insight into what they were like. She also benefits from being friends with a lot of the squad and had seen the New Zealand win 2 days earlier.

While the planned Facebook Live didnt go ahead Lindsay was good enough to have a word with us on the show afterwards and carved out another career string as she did some of the podcasts post-match interviews – a nice touch, she was fantastic, hear for yourself here

After the game the Australian and England team had an enjoyable post-match meal at the same hotel I was staying at and I managed to get a picture with Jade and Rupert! – I thought this could be the highlight of the few days but then again. The following morning was hoping to see some players on the way to breakfast following a 100% rate so far, in reception or just around the hotel. Nothing but then I met Caitlin and Gretchel at the station. (yes there was a picture but thats for my book)

Gormet food reference was Virgin Trains sausage roll on the journey down – no joke it was delicious I bought a second one as the first one was free – try them for yourself, delightful