Tallisa Haynes

Tallisa wins Gold!

I am utterly pleased to announce that Tallisa Haynes and the rest of the England Indoor Nets have achieved GOLD – a huge well done for her amazing effort following the silver medal two years ago.

It has also been a great journey for co-captain Claire Elsley who between them led the team from the start with dedication and commitment out in New Zealand. Wish there would be a massive Welcome back when they get back into the country – but they wont be the press and cameras 🙁

There’s lots more information on the Nets Success on the Indoor Netball Association England Facebook page and the team can also be contacted on Twitter to find out more about this exciting version of the sport

Tallisa was on top form with promotion for the trip on BBC Solent ahead of the journey with Jenna Hawkey

I managed to speak to Tallisa ahead of the journey and true to form I also had to mention Surrey Storm and a certain player of match v Mavericks

and here she was on BBC Solent again on their breakfast programme.

Oh and after supporting T last time – look what happened for this tour 🙂